Summer is the season for many things—beaches and boating, cold treats and colder lemonade, and outdoor entertaining! In this two part blog series, we’re providing tips for getting the most out of the outdoor entertaining season. In the first part of this series, we discussed tips for entertaining outdoors during sunny summer days, such as focusing on a shade solution that will keep your guests cool and comfortable all day long.

In this first part of the blog series, below, we’re focusing on Summer Nights. A great thing about summer is that the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! There are still many memories to make with family and friends during long dinners and drinks around the fire. Pour yourself a cold beverage and read on for all you need to know about outdoor living and entertaining during those crisp and clear summer nights.

Contemporary style - Faux-wicker frame with cushions - Rust free with material that us weather fade and heat resistant -Fiber Polyester cushions

Focus on Fire Tables

One of the best ways to light up the night with your friends is by gathering around a fire table set. Fire tables are outdoor patio tables with durable fire bowls in the center, often run by propane gas. Fire tables save you the trouble of starting a traditional wood bonfire. Instead, they can be easily started in seconds. Ignition varies according to the fire table you select, but most either start with the push of a button or by match. Most allow you to even adjust the height or size of the fire, creating a gentle glow and warm ambiance that you can enjoy and easily control throughout the night.

Fire tables can enhance your existing patio or poolside spot, adding versatility and functionality that’s sure to be used into the evening and even into the cooler fall season. You can purchase a fire table by itself and use your existing patio chairs and other seating, or choose a fire table set that comes with matching “chat” chairs. Common sizes include 3-piece fire chat sets for those with smaller spaces, 5-piece fire table sets and 7-piece fire table sets for people with a larger family or those who like to entertain. Choose from round, square and rectangular fire table options, and a range of materials including: metal frames with tops crafted from stone, metal slats, tile, glass, cast aluminum, concrete or faux stone. Watch for UL or CSA ratings for safety.

Enjoy chat chairs with plush outdoor cushions and the bonus outdoor toss pillow while sitting around the the warm glow of the gas fire pit.

Better yet, there are a range of patio chair options available, such as swivel chairs, rocker chairs or benches, as well as a multitude of outdoor deep seating options, such as loveseats, sofas and modular sectionals. You should choose outdoor seating that fits well in the space you have available, and offers the comfort you desire—from high backs to plush cushions, there are many choices available to keep you cozy all evening long. You can also select your outdoor furniture based on fabric and color choices, or purchase additional outdoor pillows to enhance your set and make it more personalized for your space.

Cozy Extras

Once you’ve invested in a fire table set for your patio, you are well on your way to festive and frequent outdoor parties that can go as long as the snacks and drinks last. However, there are a few additional items that can make your outdoor living space even more comfortable for evening entertaining. Outdoor lighting, such as string lights or paper lanterns, can make sure you aren’t relying on moonlight alone.

You can also take the edge off of chilly summer and fall evenings with a patio heater or lamp. A simple lamp, such as an infrared patio heater can be wall mounted to add instant heating to your patio. You can also choose from more complex patio heaters, such as a patio heater that doubles up as a bar table. As a bonus, these heaters/tables can accommodate extra seating making it a must-have item if your guest lists are extra-long.

Imagine the ocean breeze while relaxing with friends with this 4-piece patio lounge set that includes a loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table. All furnishings are covered in a steel frame and resin wicker texture. All seating includes plush cushions for extra comfort. Each piece is rust-free with material that is also weather, fade, and heat resistant.

Also, you may want to stock up on some extra blankets so guests can snuggle up and fight off any chills. Finally, make sure to have something available for bug control, whether you light some citronella candles or have a can of bug spray sitting on your favorite outdoor occasional table for everyone to use as they need. With these thoughtful and cozy items, you’ll be all set for entertaining well into the beautiful summer nights!