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Persian Style Ivory Sofa

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Romanticism and Elegance is what best describes the HD-551 Sofa set. This collection adds a different setting to our Homey Design Collections, because of its Black and Gold wood finish, and its Light Khaki Fabric. The Seat cushions have been added that extra blend with Light blue designs and all around trim.

In this collection you can find The Bedroom set HD-1208, along with the matching tables HD-1208.

SOFA91"L x 38"W x 48"H96217 
LOVESEAT75"L x 38"W x 48"H75169 
CHAIR31"L x 31"W x 47"H2597 
HD-1208 COFFEE TABLE46"D x 20"H914346"L x 46"W x 16.5"H
HD-1208 END TABLE26"D x 27"H67728"L x 28"W x 16"H
HD-63001 CHANDELIER32"D x 41"H 97 

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