Not all Pillows are created equal

Not all Pillows are created equal

Who would think to consider the beneficial factors of a pillow? Seriously! A pillow shouldn’t be a mindless choir you add to your grocery pick up list while at a “sell all department store”

My goal is to direct you in the right direction towards a restful – plentiful great nights rest! Purchasing a mattress from Ez2 Get Furniture should not be the last addition in your thrones room of rest, a pillow should accompany that great mattress you selected for a compliment aid to coughing Z’s and waking up refreshed the next morning. Well I’ll do my best to share some superb pillows that will rid that neck pain or back pain you may have not thought a pillow could be the culprit.

Just like your premium super plush mattress choice can enhance a good night’s rest, the best choice in pillows to help you further achieve this drooling rest is factor on your pillows shape, size, firm or softness as well as features such as; scent or the cool touch technology infused in your pillow. By the way did you that pillows can come in king size or can be as tall as your average person, talk about a comfortable hugging feeling.

You’re traditional, side sleeping is your go - to position

Reminiscent on fetal position, no wonder this is the preferred sleep pattern of most folk. Being curled not only protects you against monster you think are lurking under your bed or closet, but it provides comforts and your body heat really regulates the cold, if you are being robbed of your blankets. Pregnant Women tend to sleep in this preferred position, makes sense as they are with child and wouldn’t want to harm their baby by sleeping on their bellies. Just keep in mind that being curled can cause a bit of stiffness, make sure to stretch out a bit before starting your day. In addition, stretching causes blood flow movement.

Now let’s explore the right pillow for your curled-up need. You’ll want to look for a thicker pillow with enough height that will provide the right support for your neck and head and prevent stiffness in those crucial areas. What you will be a premium feature is the type density in your pillow; memory foam will contour to your shape allowing you for a cradle effect & latex infused pillows provide durability and great support, so don’t worry about your head collapsing the pillow. In essence choose a medium to firm pillow.

Rest Like beast, back sleeping

Sleeping on your back, or in the supine position, is one of the healthiest ways to sleep for many people. When resting on your back, you provide a neutral position for your head, neck and spine. A few pillows under your knees can also aid in relieving any pressure in your back, making it even more comfortable for many. Back sleepers will probably prefer a low-profile pillow; and there are a wide range of options available, including memory foam, down, down-alternatives and other hypoallergenic and breathable fills. If you desire a more controlled sleep posture to help with neck or back pain, a contoured pillow may be your best fit. Choose a pillow in the proper thickness, based not only on your sleep position, but also on your shoulder dimensions, to promote an anatomically correct sleep posture that will properly align your head, neck and shoulders. A pillow that positions your head too high or too low places stress on your neck, instead of the support you need.


Drop and plop, stomach sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t recommended as it can lead to neck strain and back pain because your spine simply can’t maintain a neutral position. However, if this position is the most comfortable for you, then it’s important to find the right pillow. Look for a very thin, or low profile, pillow for your head or sleep without a pillow on a firm supportive mattress. The best pillow for stomach sleeper will be one with an adjustable loft (thickness of insulating matter), a down pillow, a down-alternative fill, or even a shredded foam or latex pillow that will be flat enough for laying on your stomach, while still giving you comfort. When sleeping on your stomach, an additional thin pillow placed underneath your pelvis will provide back alignment.


Pillow Talk

As important as the firmness and height profile of your pillow is, it is also important to find one that features a fabric and fill that promotes comfort and health. For instance, advances in technology have introduced climate control fabric that can deflect heat throughout the night leaving you cool and soundly asleep. Fabrics such as Tencel can also support air movement, creating a more comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.

When it comes to cleaning your pillow, it is important to pay attention to manufacturer guidelines as some pillows should only be spot cleaned to help maintain the structure of the fill. Most synthetic pillows, and even down, can be safely washed. However, you should also look into investing in a pillow protector, as that can help shield your pillow from staining.

If allergens concern you, look for a hypoallergenic pillow that will prevent dust mites and dander from entering the pillow core, ensuring a clean and healthy night’s sleep. Remember, an inexpensive pillow should be replaced every six months or more while a quality crafted pillow can last you three years or more. Some pillows even come with a ten-year limited warrantee, making the investment beneficial for your health and your pocketbook!