Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide

Purchasing the best mattress for your needs!


Have you ever stayed at a hotel and had a better night sleep than in your own bed?

Then it’s probably time to change your mattress!!


Why Change My Mattress ???

Other signs that you need a new mattress are stiffness and body aches in the morning, visible signs of wear on your current mattress, and if your mattress is older than five years.

The average lifespan for an adult’s mattress is about 4-7 years depending on frequency of use and original quality. As your body changes over time, the type and amount of support you need and what is comfortable for you changes as well. It makes sense to evaluate your mattress set at least every five years to make sure you are getting the right amount of support and the comfort you need. A new mattress will not only improve how you sleep at night, it can also greatly improve your quality of life.

There is no proof that a firm or soft mattress is better for your sleep, it all comes down to what is most comfortable for you. There is also no standard of what makes a mattress firm or soft, it’s a personal preference. What might be soft to one person might be firm to another. What matters most is that you are comfortable and sleep well.

 Side Sleepers:

Side sleepers are usually most comfortable with a softer sleeping surface such as a memory foam mattress, or pillow top plush mattress. The memory foam provides shoulders and hips pressure relief support. Pillow tops and Plush mattresses have padded tops which work well for side sleepers and those that prefer a softer mattress.

Back and Stomach Sleepers:

Back and stomach sleepers often prefer a slightly firmer mattress for proper spinal alignment and support.  Tight tops are usually firmer and better for back or stomach sleepers.

Benefits of Memory Foam:

By conforming to your body shape and weight as you sleep, memory foam reduces pressure points. Memory foam also absorbs movement, so if you sleep with a partner, you’re not likely to feel the motion transfer of a partner tossing and turning.

If you have a hard time finding a comfortable sleep position or if you have chronic pain, then a memory foam mattress might be best for you.



Hot Sleepers:

If you are a hot sleeper you might want to consider a Gel Memory Foam mattress that sleep slightly cooler than memory foam.

For Allergy Sufferers

Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and might be the best option for allergy sufferers.

Keep in Mind

Give yourself a few nights to adjust to a new mattress. If the first night on a new mattress doesn’t transform your sleep quality, give it at least 30 days for your body to fully adjust.



Types of Beds

Getting a good night's sleep depends on a lot of different factors -- comfort, stress level, room temperature

Innerspring mattress: Innerspring mattresses are the most widely used. They support you with coil springs, and in most built today, each coil is individually enclosed. This helps the bed weather years of use and prevents the coils from popping out of the mattress. On top of the coils are a wide variety of materials added for comfort, from pillow to latex to memory foam. It's depends of your preference.

Pocketed coils: Also known as wrapped coils, encased coils, encased springs, or Marshall coils, pocketed springs are designed to provide proper support while transferring very little motion. While traditional coil systems have springs that are wired together, the springs in a pocketed coil system are individually wrapped in fabric encasements and perform independently from one another. This design allows each pocketed spring to react as needed, responding quickly to movement and conforming to the contours of your body.

Foam Encased Mattress: This means there is a block of foam that runs around the perimeter of the mattress. Foam encasements add strength to the side of your mattress to keep you from getting ‘sag’ where you sit. They also provide more support when you lay near the edge to keep you from experiencing ‘roll-off’.

 Memory foamMemory foam mattresses are growing in popularity. They are made of layers of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature, and are known for comfort because they contour to the specific shape of your body. Memory foam toppers are also available.

 Latex Mattress: Latex mattresses are made from either natural or synthetic rubber, and are known for providing a very firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed.

Air MattressesHigher-end air beds look like a standard innerspring mattress, but use air-filled chambers instead of coils, and are covered by a foam layer on top. (Not your typical blow up mattress for guest)

Adjustable Beds: These beds are able to bend and elevate at varying angles. As a result, the mattress has to be flexible. Different types of mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed – memory foam, latex, or air, for example. Spring mattresses are more difficult to use, however, because the springs don't handle the bending well.

Sofa Beds: When you have guests staying for a night or two, sofa beds come in handy. The mattresses in these beds tend to be very thin so they are flexible enough to fold and collapse into the couch. It's a great convenience to have a sofa bed, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who raves about their comfort.


Twin 38? x 74?


A Twin size mattress is the smallest mattress available and is best suited for one person. The dimensions of a twin size mattress are approximately 39 inches wide by 74 inches long. It’s commonly used for bunk beds and day beds.


Ø  If on occasion you need to lay down with your child this size should accommodate, but consider a Full size to allow more cuddle space and room to grow.


Ø  If you are purchasing for a taller adult or child you may want to consider a Twin-XL or Full size, which will give you added length or the space to sleep diagonally. Twins are great for cozy guest spaces, bunk beds, daybeds and trundles.


Ø  If you are purchasing a Twin mattress for a trundle bed, measure the mattress to ensure that the mattress will easily slide between the daybed and trundle unit.


 Twin-XL 38” x 79”

A Twin XL Mattress 5 inches longer than the standard Twin. Taller adults may be more comfortably sleeping on a Twin XL bed size. Although the Twin-XL mattress is uncommon size it is popular in many college dorm rooms. It is approximately 6 inches longer than a Twin size mattress. This makes it perfect for taller adults. Twin XL beds are approximately 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. This particular size does not fit bunk beds or day beds.



Ø  Twin-XL is the same length as a queen or eastern king, 79”. In fact if you put two Twin-XL mattresses side by side they would equal the size of one eastern king.


Ø  If you are purchasing for a taller adult or child you may want to consider a Twin-XL or Full size, which will give you added length.


Ø  This mattress size is a great but little know solution for a situation where a longer length mattress is necessary, but you also don’t have the space for bigger mattresses.


Full Size 53” x 74”

Full size or also known as: double, standard, or matrimonial mattress. It is usually purchased for smaller or guest rooms.


Ø  A Full size mattress is the same length as a Twin size mattress, 74”.


Ø  This mattress size can accommodate two people, if size permits. Most people with a sleeping partner opt for the queen size.



Queen Size 59” x 79”

Queen size is the most popular size. It is ideal for two adults and fits the largest variety of master bedroom sets.


Ø  A Twin mattress is 38 inches wide and a queen mattress is much larger at 60 inches wide but when two people share the mattress each person actually has 9 inches less sleep surface than if they were sleeping alone on a Twin. There seems to be a share factor that compensates for this but is something to consider when shopping.


King Size (Eastern King) 76” x 79”

A King mattress is about 16? wider than a Queen mattress and both are about 80? long. It is the ultimate luxury and often an ultimate necessity for two adults sharing a bed.


Ø  Two Extra-Long Twin beds together are the same size as an “Eastern” King. A good way to have a versatile guest room is by placing two Twins or two Twin Extra-Long beds in a room separately or pushed together to make a king bed for couples.


Ø  An “Eastern” King bed comes with one King mattress and two half-width box springs to be more manageable when moving.




California King Size 72” x 83”

Cal King mattress can be Special Ordered for very tall people. At 72” x 84”you gain 4 inches in length, but lose 4 inches in width.


Ø  This size mattress causes more confusion than any other size. Many people believe that they currently have a Cal King mattress, but at the time of their delivery they find out that they have a standard King.” Eastern King”


Ø  This is a Special Order mattress and we ask that everyone who purchases one measures there current mattress and/or headboard to insure that they have chosen the correct size.


Ø  This is not a very popular mattress size, so there are less bedding, and headboards/footboards available for this mattress size.