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Gemma Bed frame
Gemma Bed frame

Gemma Bed frame

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Item Number: UMFCM7303
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This is an absolutely dazzling bed. The sectional panels up fabric upholstering make for an unforgettable visual, and the soft LED light-up is reminiscent of a back lit window. Set up stunning silhouette displays in the open shelves and rest comfortable in the coziness of this extravagant bed.
  • E.KING BED89 1/4"L X 82 1/4"W X 60 7/8"H
  • CAL.KING BED93 1/4"L X 78"W X 60 7/8"H
  • QUEEN BED89 1/4"L X 66 1/4"W X 60 7/8"H
  • Contemporary Style
  • Padded Fabric
  • Display Headboard
  • LED Touch Lights
  • Built-in USB Outlet

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