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Bethesda Bed Frame

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Turn your bedroom into a high class bed chamber with this curvaceous bedroom set. The curling wood trim on the head and foot boards crescendo to a fluted seashell motif crown. The deep tufting add some comfort but in a luxurious almost decadent sense that elevate the feeling of extravagance in the room. The matching case goods offer the same refinement, with antique drawer pulls, felt lined top drawers, and all rest atop claw and ball feet for a lifted look and traditional design.

Cal.King Bed
91"L X 86 1/2"W X 72 3/8"H
E.King Bed
87"L X 86 1/2"W X 72 3/8"H
Queen Bed
87"L X 69 1/2"W X 69 3/4"H
63 5/8"L X 17 1/4"W X 40 1/4"H
37 5/8"L X 17"W X 52 1/4"H
Night Stand
27 1/2"L X 17"W X 28 1/4"H

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