Progressive Leasing

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How does it work? 

Apply online and get an answer in a matter of minutes, and when you're approved, call us at (562) 746-2001 and let us know! 

To take full advantage of the 90 day interest free program: 
Make the first 25% payment once the furniture arrives to your door; the second 25% payment within 30 days after that; the third 25% payment within 60 days and the final 25% payment within 90 days of receiving your furniture. If you do it this way it will only cost you the price of the furniture plus $79.00 for the initial lease payment. If you can't pay it off within 90 days you have up to 1 year from the time you receive your furniture. 

Best of all, most people qualify! The basic requirements are:

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  2. Checking and Routing numbers to an open and active checking account
  3. Valid Social Security Number or ITIN
  4. Debit or Credit Card

If those all apply to you, then in most cases, you'll be approved! Just complete the online application, and Progressive will give you your new account information and approval limit. Then check place your items in your cart and checkout. During checkout just choose the Payment Method as Progressive Leasing and enter your lease ID. One of our sales representatives will call you regarding your order. It's that EZ.

Please note: We do not accept MetaBank

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Contact Us: (323)235-4011 or (562)746-2001