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Annemarie Loft Bunk Bed

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Ensure your children have plenty of space to enjoy their room by making their bed a multi-purpose fixture! In addition to a twin-size loft bed with protective guardrails and a lower full-size bed underneath, this piece also offers multiple shelves for storage or display. Three wide shelves provide additional room for a personal touch while also doubling as an attached ladder to make accessing the top level even easier. Choose from three beautiful color options to begin the room transformation! TWIN LOFT BED77 1/8"L X 48 3/4"W X 66 7/8"H. 
  • TWIN BED77 1/2"L X 42 3/4"W X 34"H
  • FULL BED77 1/2"L X 58 1/8"W X 34"H

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